Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New blog!

Hi! Welcome to Kokonut Kitch! :)

I decided to create a new blog where it's easier to post photos and recipes of the food I make. My old blog is at kokonutkitch.tumblr.com. From now on all recipes will be here and my tumblr blog will just contain the photos.

So this blog will mainly consist of baked treats and desserts (because I LOVE them), with the occasional savoury recipe. Everything I make is vegan, and most of the time I try to use healthier alternatives for things like white flour and sugar, and I like experimenting with gluten free recipes too. But I think it's fine to occasionally indulge in sugary, fatty treats!

Anyway, I will get back to posting some delicious food!
I hope someone out there enjoys it! :)

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